Q. What is NMN?

◆ Abbreviation for β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN, β-NMN, β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is the most direct source of NAD (i.e., nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, coenzyme 1), a substance in the body that decreases with age. It is a precursor. The coenzyme NAD is widely involved in the metabolic reactions of thousands of types of cells, and is considered an important substance that activates the vitality of the human body.

◆ Coenzyme (NAD) that affects lifespan and aging
Coenzyme (NAD) is a substance naturally produced from NMN, but the body’s ability to produce it decreases as we age. As a result, the body’s repair function is lost, causing various effects on the human body. This is the aging phenomenon. Even if NAD is ingested directly, it does not reach the human body due to intestinal bacteria, so the precursor NMN is artificially introduced into the body and converted to coenzyme NAD, which reduces the amount of coenzyme NAD that decreases with age. It is important to increase.

Q. Should I take NAD, which acts on sirtuins?

The results for mice ingesting NMN are as follows.

◆ Muscle regeneration, muscle tissue repair, muscle tissue reinforcement

◆ Bone formation, increase in bone density

◆ Vasodilation, capillary regeneration, vascular tissue repair

◆ Hair regeneration, hair tissue, and scalp repair

◆ Improvementof visual acuity, prevention of glaucoma, regeneration of crystalline lens

◆ Improvement of oral environment, regeneration of saliva secretion, regeneration of gum tissue

◆ Hearing regeneration, semicircular canal repair, auditory nerve repair

◆ Tissue regeneration within the nasal cavity, repair of olfactory nerve, and repair of foreign body processing function

◆ Recovers skin aging, promotes whitening, antioxidant, moisturizes

◆ Adjustment of hormone balance, repair of autonomic nerves

◆ Promotes female hormone secretion and activates mitochondria

◆ Repair the brain’s neurotransmitter


Can we expect anything now? It’s getting a lot of attention in so many different ways. NMN ATHLETE develops formulations that meet the needs of our customers by combining the wonderful effects of NMN with complex ingredients that are compatible with each other.

Q.What are the numbers written on the container and exterior?

This number is the amount of NMN contained in one bottle (bag).
A large number does not mean that the molecular weight of NMN is small or that the quality is good.
NMN ATHLETE 10000 (yellow) is written as “10000”.
This means that one bottle contains 10,000mg of NMN (100mg x 100 tablets per tablet).
NMN ATHLETE RECOVERY (black) and BEAUTY (pink) are
Contains 83.35mg of NMN per tablet,
You can take NMN10000mg/bottle (for 120 tablets).

Q.What is the quality of NMN used for NMN ATHLETE?

Made in Japan We use an enzyme method that uses natural enzymes with a purity of over 99.9% as catalysts.Recognized as a food ingredient, it is characterized by its high purity and environmental friendliness. Due to the higher manufacturing efficiency than other manufacturing methods, we have succeeded in lowering the price of NMN raw materials compared to conventional (competitor) prices, and we provide customers with lower prices by blending NMN raw materials that are safe, secure, environmentally friendly, and body-friendly. Let me do it.

Q. Where is the NMN ATHLETE supplement manufactured?

We personally visit the factories and select factories where we have confirmed quality control and safety management. We manufacture only in GMP certified factories, which is one of the standard values for manufacturing factories.

GMP is an acronym for Good Manufacturing Practice, and is called Good Manufacturing Practice in Japanese. GMP is a system established to ensure that products are safe and maintain a certain level of quality throughout the process from receiving raw materials to shipping the product. NMN ATHLETE meets one of the world’s standards and wants everyone to drink safely and with peace of mind, which is why we make our products with care.

Q. How to take NMN ATHLETE

TEN-THOUSAND (10000) SUPPLEMENT 100 tablets – If you have a large body, want to be particular about your intake, or want to experience better effects, please try increasing your NMN intake. Please start with 2 to 4 tablets (NMN 200 to 400 mg) a day to provide energy for the day. If you take 3 tablets a day (NMN 300mg + Inulin 300mg), approximately 33 days’ worth.

■  Recommended daily intake
<Male> 300mg~500mg

Each tablet of 10,000 TEN THOUSAND contains 100 mg of NMN.
Morning is the best time of the day to refuel.

120 tablets pre bottle are recommended to be taken before or after exercise and 1 hour before bed, before drinking, after drinking, when you feel tired, etc.

120 tablets recommend taking it in the evening or 1 hour before bed.

* It is said that beauty ingredients are easily absorbed between 22:00 pm and 2:00 am, which is said to be the golden time for beauty.

Q. How to select NMN ATHLETE


You can ingest 10,000mg of NMN with one bottle. In addition to NMN, it contains inulin, which is low in starch (sugar) and rich in dietary fiber. Recommended for those who want to maintain health, improve vitality, and boost immunity.

RECOVERY+ 120 capsules

You can take 10000mg of NMN. In addition to NMN, it also contains maca, zinc, branched-chain amino acids, L-arginine, and inulin. Recommended for people who want to recover from fatigue, improve muscle function, increase vitality, and build a healthy body.

BEAUTY+ 120 capsules

One bottle can take in 10000mg of NMN. NMN is expected to moisturize the skin. In addition, it can promote the secretion of female hormones. In addition to NMN, it also contains patented ingredients effective for beautifying skin (rose petal extract), bird’s nest extract, marine collagen, rice ceramide, and nicotinic acid. Recommended for people who want to whiten their skin, keep their skin firm and shiny, and prevent dark spots caused by ultraviolet rays.

Q. Are there any stores where I can purchase other than online?

CYTOPURE NMN ATHLETE aims to expand into the market at health and beauty spot, department stores etc.. You can purchase from the list of stores shows in our website.

Q. I would like to be a reseller of CYTOPURE NMN ATHLETE

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Q. Product inquiries

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